Friday, 12 April 2013

This came into my head whilst out for a walk......

I want, I don’t want


I want to win the lottery and have lots of money and gold,

I want to live in luxury until I’m very old.

I want to eat Filet mignon from a tray upon my knee

And have lots of lacky’s running after me.


I want to live in a mansion and never ever worry,

And never have to do anything again, rush rush, in a hurry.

I want a future for my wife and me,

I want to win the lotteree


I want a one hundred inch plasma TV,

And a man cave made just for me.

I want to travel the world first class

And act just like a pompous ass


I want a ridiculous vehicle, which will take me near and far

And have outrageous bills in a posh, swanky bar.

I want lots of flunkys that swoon after me,


Wait, no I don’t


I don’t want to win the lottery and have lots of money and gold,

But I do want to be happy and live til I’m old

I don’t like filet mignon, but like a nice cup of tea

You can keep your flippn’ lackys far away from me.


I don’t want a blummin’ mansion a modest terrace will do for us

I really don’t mind traveling on a bus.

We have a future, my wife and me

But it does not involve the lotteree


My ford fiesta works just fine and it’s mine all mine

I don’t like pubs and bars, cos’ when I’m in them I feel like I’m from Mars

I just want me to be me

I don’t want to win the lotteree

All my own work

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